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Faculty of Social Science


The education goal is set to provide fundamental knowledge contributing to the development of future military strategy and operation by researching the past war experiences from a historical pretext enabling cadets to be trained as pivots and military experts of the Army. Furthremore, the major curriculum offers the foundation for cadets to be trained as military experts by teaching in depth conduct of war theory, military system, military science technology, historical development process and fundamental theory of military thoughts.
Currently, the Department of Military History is comprised of 14 professors in total including 6 full-time professors, 4 rotating professors, 3 officer professors and 1 honorary professor. The faculty members consist of researches who have majored in military history, exhibiting outstanding military competence in the field of research on military science but also in the education of military history that was not highly regarded in the private domestic universities.


The Department of Military History aims to enhance the comprehensive understanding on war and to teach basic military knowledge required in high ranking officers of the Army by providing fundamental facts on war history and historical insight for cadets to become the pivot and military expert of the army.


Organizing courses
Item Class Subjects
Department of Military History
Common Freshman Korean history
Sophomore History of world cultures
Senior Korean War history, History of global wars, military strategy
Elective military studies Senior Contemporary war research
General academic major Junior Contemporary history of Asia, Contemporary history of the West, History of weapon development,
History of military system, History of Korean military, Military history methodology,
Understanding ancient history of military
Senior Psychology research plan


Professors Introduction
Position Name Field of major Degree/University Profile
Professor Lee Nae-Ju European history Doctorate (University of Sussex, UK) profile
Associate Professor Park Il-Song Military history Doctorate (Ohio State University) profile
Professor Na Jong-Nam Military history Doctorate (University of North Carolina) profile
Assistant Professor Kim Tae-San Military history Doctorate (Universitaet Potsdam) profile
Lecturer Kim Jeong-Min Military strategy Masters (Korea National Defense University) profile
Lecturer Kim Jin-Hak International relations Masters (Kyung Hee University) profile
Assistant Professor Kim Min-Sik Contemporary history of Korea Masters (Korea University) profile
Assistant Professor Ju Dong-Bin Korean history Doctorate course (Korea University) profile
Lecturer Park Sang-Yeon Diplomatic science Masters (Seoul National University) profile
Lecturer Go Han-Seok History education Doctorate course (Seoul National University) profile
Honorary Professor Kim Gi-Hoon History of Asia Doctorate (University of Hawaii, USA) profile
Honorary Professor Lee Hyeon-Su Korean history Doctorate (Academy of Korean Studies) profile
Honorary Professor Kim Gwang-Su Military history Doctorate (University of North Korean Studies) profile