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Faculty of Social Science


The Department of Economics and Law includes majors in Economics and offers common subjects such as economics, constitution and miiltary law as well as various major subjects. The major subject in the field of economics includes micro-economics, macro-economics, econometrics, international economics, public economics, industry organization theory, cost-benefit analysis, environmental economics, North Korean economics and national defense economics. In addition, the curriculum in the field of law offers constitution as basic academic course, military law as military studies course and international law for cadets majoring in international relations and area studies.


The aim of the field of economics is to inculcate the basic knowledge, economics insight capable of upright and optimal army operation as commanders and staff officers in various battlefronts based on rational decision-making. Moreover, the aim of the field of law is to inculcate the basic knowledge as citizens of a democratic society through legal education and to establish upright standard of consciousness as a soldier.


Organizing courses
Item Class Subjects
Economics Law
Common Sophomore Economics Constitution
Senior Social research methodology Military law
Elective Military Studies Senior National defense economics
Major in general
academic studies
Sophomore Micro-economics, macro-economics,
econometrics, public economics,
international economics,
industry organization theory
International law
Senior Cost-benefit analysis,
environmental economics,
national defense economics,
North Korea economics


Professors Introduction
Position Name Field of major Degree/University Profile
Professor of Economics Lee Sung-Heui International finance theory Doctorate (Purdue) profile
Professor of Economics Jeon Seong-Hyeon Industry organization Doctorate (Indiana) profile
Associate Professor of Law Kim Hyeon-Ju Criminal law, international transaction law Doctorate (University of Washington, USA) profile
Assistant Professor of Law Kim Hoe-Dong Military law, international law Bachelor's Degree/KMA, Bachelor's Degree/Seoul National University, Masters (Seoul National University, SID (Doctorate)/Emory University profile
Assistant Professor
of Economics
Kim Wuk-Gi Economics growth Masters (Seoul National University) profile
Assistant Professor
of Economics
Lee Seung-Joo Macroeconomics Ph.D candidate(UC Berkeley) profile
Lecturer of Law Choi Mi-Kyung Administrative Law and Procedure Juris Doctor(Sungkyunkwan University Law School) profile
Lecturer of Economics Jun Jee-Ho Innovation Economics Masters (KAIST) profile
Lecturer of Law Park Yo-Han International Law Juris Doctor(Harvard Law School) profile

Introduction of laboratories

- Computer lab for empirical analysis
- Cost-benefit program