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Academic Calendar

The academic schedule of KMA is categorized into 2 semesters in a year and each semester is comprised of 17 weeks Main education schedules incude mid-term/final examination, pilgrimage to national sites, summer military training, overseas cultural visits, Hwarang Ceremony and Collegiate Forum on National security.
Academic schedule as of 2018 academic year
'17 academic year schedule
1st semester
February Matriculation & New Academic Year : Feb. 26th
1st semester : Feb. 26th ~ June 22nd
Graduation Ceremony : In March
Admissions infomation sessions in Alma Mater for sophomores, juniors, and seniors : Mar. 29th ~ Apr. 1st
Mid-term exam : Apr. 19th ~ 24th
School anniversary : May 1st
Cadet's Day : May 3rd ~ 5th
Final exam : June 15th ~ 20th
The summer holidays and military training to do.
Summer military training/summer vacation
July Summer military training for freshmen : June 25th ~ Aug. 3rd
Summer military training for sophomores : July 2nd ~ July 20th
Summer military training for juniors : July 23th ~ Aug. 3rd
Summer military training for seniors : July 30th ~ Aug. 3rd
1st exam for cadet selection : July 28th
Summer vacation : Aug. 5th ~ Aug. 31st
Field trip to overseas battlefields for sophomores, juniors, and seniors : Aug. 23rd ~ 30th
Academic schedule as of 2016 academic year
2nd semester
September 2nd semester : Sept. 3rd ~ Dec. 28th
Mid-term exam : Oct. 25th ~ 30th
Hwarang Festival : Nov. 14th ~ 15th
Final exam : Dec. 21st ~ 27th
Winter holiday / winter semester / term pre-'18 -1
Winter vacation / winter semester / 1st semester of '19 academic year
January of 2019 Winter vacation : Dec. 29th ~ Jan. 18th 2019
Winter semester : Jan. 21st ~ Feb. 22nd

Hwarang Basic Training : Jan. 18th ~ Feb. 22nd
1st semester of 2019 : Mar. 1st ~