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Faculty of Engineering


Amidst the rapidly evolving information scientification 21st Century, each field is undergoing striking development. In particular, it is not an understatement to claim that the field related to the weapon system is pioneering the field of high-tech science worldwide. As such, the field of machinery/system engineering, as a pioneer of modern science civilization, will lay the academic foundation that elite officers must be equipped with and will project the future vision.


The objective is to transform cadets into professional key commissioned officers to lead the future science technology oriented army by understanding and applying the engineering principles of weapons and to foster the ability to efficiently manage and apply weapons and equipment as military officers and military science technicians. Furthermore, by educating cadets on specialized knowledge related to general dynamics and mechanical engineering, cadets would be able to execute actual work and make evaluations from a specialist perspective based on the academic studies and skills at actual work and policy making departments after commissioning and furthermore, understand the army's scientification and technical policies systematically and logically, ultimately inculcating the ability to perfectly execute force integration and elitism duties.


Organizing courses
Item Class Subjects
Weapon System Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Elective course Sophomore/Junior 3 Introduction to electronic engineering
Junior Introduction to system engineering, system analysis -
Requisite military studies Junior/Senior Weapon system War game
Elective military studies Senior Weapon engineering -
General academic major Junior System engineering, control system engineering, maneuver system engineering, OR, advanced materials engineering, system planning Dynamics, heat dynamics, computer mechanical engineering, material dynamics, mechanical planning, engineering vibration
Senior Fire system engineering, decision making system, national defense M&S, production process management Mechanical planning, control and measurement, mechanical engineering experiment and fabrication, heat transfer


Professors Introduction
Position Name Field of major Degree/University Profile
Professor Lee Jae-Young Solid mechanics Masters (Yonsei University), Doctorate (Brown University) profile
Professor Lee Jong Woo Impulse dynamics Masters (Manchester University UK), Doctorate (Manchester University, UK) profile
Professor Yoo Sam-Hyeon Hydraulic control engineering Masters (Oklahoma State University), Doctorate (Chung Ang University) profile
Associate Professor Cho Seong-Shik Industrial engineering Masters (Auburn University), Doctorate (Korea University) profile
Associate Professor Kim Ju-Hee Materials and destruction Masters (Graduate School of Military Science), Doctorate (Korea University) profile
Assistant Professor Lee Byeong-Jin Industrial engineering Masters (Korea National Defense University), Doctorate (Yonsei University) profile
Assistant Professor Yoon Byeong-Jo Business management Masters (Yonsei University), Doctorate (Soongsil University) profile
Assistant Professor Kim Jong-Hwan Robot engineering Masters (New Mexico State University, USA), Doctorate (Virginia Polytech Institute and State University) profile
Assistant Professor Baek Seung-Won Industrial engineering Masters (Seoul National University) profile
Lecturer Park Ji-Yeol Mechanical Masengineering Masters (KAIST) profile
Lecturer Kim Sang-Hyeon Mechanical engineering Masters (UC Berkeley, USA) profile
Lecturer Shin Hyeon-Seung Operation analysis Masters (Korea National Defense University) profile
Lecturer Jung Chi-Jeong Industrial engineering Masters (KAIST) profile
Lecturer Heo Mi-Ra Mechanical engineering Masters (KAIST) profile
Lecturer Lee Won-Dong Mechanical engineering Masters (Yonsei University) profile
Honorary Professor Seo Jin-Seok Fluid dynamics Masters (KAIST), Doctorate (Northwestern University) profile
Honorary Professor Jung Baek-Gi Automatic control Masters (Seoul National University), Doctorate (Chung Ang University) profile