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Korea Military Academy's Department of Mathematics aims to foster logical thinking skills and creative problem-solving abilities, cultivate scientific data analysis and decision-making methods and educate information protection and information analysis technique. Furthermore, the Department of Mathematics focuses on ‘operation analysis' major and this major provides education on code-related theories, scientific analysis of various materials and systematic decision making methods in line with the recent emphasis on the importance of information protection in the army and the overall industry. Currently, the faculty members of the Department of Mathematics are comprised of 11 professors who have acquired degrees in outstanding universities at both home nad abroad and the majors cover broad fields including mathematics and statistics.


Organizing courses
Item Class Subjects
Department of Mathematics
Common Freshman Differential and integral calculus
Sophomore Possibility and statistics
Basic major Sophomore Differential equation
General academic major Junior Discrete mathematics, Introduction to mathematical analysis, computerized statistics, information mathematics, Mathematical statistics, possibility information
Senior Cryptology, microeconomics, linear planning method, decising making theory
Elective crossover Sophomore Applied mathematics


Professors Introduction
Position Name Field of major Degree/University Profile
Director of Professor Study Development Center Park Seok-Bong Analysis Masters (Yonsei University), Doctorate (KAIST) profile
Director of Hwarang Researach Institute Kang Jeong-Hong Analysis Masters, Doctorate (Illinois University) profile
Associate Professor Bang Seong-Wan Statistics Masters (AFIT), Doctorate (Illinois University) profile
Assistant Professor Moon Mi-Nam Numerical analysis Masters (Korea University), Doctorate (Texas A&M) profile
Assistant Professor (Full-time) Jung Myeong-In Cryptology Masters (Seoul National University) profile
Lecturer of Mathematics Park Yoon-Mi Industrial engineering Masters (Seoul National University) profile
Lecturer of Mathematics Cho Geon-Hyeong Industrial engineering Masters (Iowa State University) profile
Assistant Professor (General) Park Jae-Shin Statistics Masters (Seoul National University) profile
Lecturer of Mathematics Lee Ju-Ho Analysis Masters (Korea University) profile
Lecturer of Mathematics Jeon Hyeong-Gyu Number theory Masterse (Michigan University) profile
Honorary Professor Yoon Byeong-Chang Statistics Doctorate (Seoul National University) profile
Honorary Professor Kwon Gi-Ho Multiple function Doctorate (Illinois University) profile
Honorary Professor Hwang Gyu-Beom Topology Masters, Doctorate (Korea University)) profile
Honorary Professor Bae Hyeon-Woong Statistics Doctorate (Iowa State State University) profile

Introduction of laboratories

The Department of Mathematics is equipped with Maple and SAS programs in ‘athematics/statistics laboratory' for effective education and practical work for versatile utilization.