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Faculty of Social Science


The rapidly evolving security and war battlefield in the 21st Century demand upright evaluation and appropriate response capability with regards to uncertain security threats externally and efficient army organization management skills and high standard leadership as army specialists for rational decision making internally. The Department of Politics and Social Studies aims to inculcate basic knowledge as military specialists to meet the expectations of external and internal security situations.


Common : Establish national security and hostile view through national security theory and North Korean studies. International relations field : Foster basic knowledge necessary for establishing national security and hostile view and furthermore, cultivate basic ability necessary for evaluating security threats surrounding the Korean peninsula and for planning, implementing and assessing national defense policies, ultimately inculcating adequate military experts to achieve the ‘vision of unified Korea'.


Organizing courses
Item Class Subjects
Department of Politics and Social Studies
Major Junior International relations
Junior Diplomatic policy
Junior International law
Junior International organization
Junior International dispute
Senior Arms control
Senior International security and cooperation
Senior Research on North East Asia region
Senior Korean national defense policy
Junior Korea-US security alliance
Requisite liberal arts course Senior Social research methodology
Elective course Sophomore Social studies
Sophomore Political studies
Requisite military studies Sophomore North Korean studies
Junior National security
Senior Civil-military relations
Senior International relations (military studies)


Professors Introduction
Position Name Field of major Degree/University Profile
Professor Seo Chun-Shik Social studies Masters (Yonsei University), Doctorate (Glasgow University) profile
Professor Hwang Jin-Hwan International politics Masters, Doctorate (USC University) profile
Professor Yoon Jeong-Won International politics Masters (Seoul National University), Doctorate (Georgia University) profile
Associate Professor Kim Soon-Su International politics Masters (Renmin University of China), Doctorate (Graduate School of North Korean Studies) profile
Associate Professor Kim In-Su Social studies Masters (Yonsei University), Doctorate (Wisconsin University) profile
Assistant Professor Sung Gi-On Political studies Masters (Yonsei University), Doctorate (Iowa State University) profile
Assistant Professor Kim Gyeon-Wu International politics Masters (Seoul National University) profile
Assistant Professor Cho Seon-Woong Social studies Masters (Seoul National University) profile
Civilian Professor at Military Force Kang Won-Seok Political studies Masters (Ewha Womans University), Doctorate (Ewha Womans University) profile
Lecturer Lee Hyeon-Yeob Operation analysis University at Buffalo profile