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Superintendent's Message

A heart devoted to the nation! Eyes opened to the world! - 54th superintendent of Korea Military Academy 54 Choe-byeong-ro
Welcome to the Korea Military Academy's homepage.
  • Korea Military Academy, with its roots in "Chosun Defense Academy", is dedicated to protecting the country, unifying homeland and maintaining world peace during the 70-year history since its establishment in 1946 with the objective of fostering elite officers devoted to the country and the Army.
  • Korea Military Academy, as an university with a special objective to foster elite officers, is equipped with outstanding faculty teams and cutting-edge educational facilities as well as an educational system which conforms with the future battleground environment and to this day and it endeavors to foster elite officers who devote themselves for the country and the Army.
  • In the future, Korea Military Academy will advance forward again and again as a prestigious military academy to meet the expectations of the Republic of Korea by embracing the country at heart and with the objective towards the world.
  • I seek for your continuous support. Thank you very much.